Film Scoring

Demo Reel Montage

Complete Films Below

Seven Days of Creation 2017

(Avant garde, musique concrète, electronic music, vocal, ethnic, sound design)

   (music video by UVU Graphic Arts to the suite by Nizhoni)

PARTA Veterans Short (Essential Story) 2016

Reflective, orchestra, military, building to grand thematic ending

Safety Net (trailer)

Progressive jazz, extended technique, tension-suspense

Safety Net (cue 1)

Funk, jazz, “walking” music

SPOT PARTA Commercial  2016

1920s ragtime bed

 “Hotwire” (Brown/Thomas, Roughcut) 2014

Action thriller, spoof, contemporary pop-rock, suspense, beds and timed hits

Honorable Capitalism? (full movie) 2016

Worldbeat, ethnic, pop-jazz, acoustic folk, documentary

The Final Season (Sean Astin) (Spec, 1997/2010)

Midwest, Americana, chamber (simple) orchestration, soft hits

“Leaves” by Jake Thomas (synth) 2008

19th century classical, orchestra, timed hits

Lemony Snicket Audio Demonstration (Demo, 2012)

Contemporary demo, timed hits, tonal, drama-driven

ACRC: What is Worship?

Honorable Capitalism documentary (trailer) 2016

Documentary, beds, world-beat, ethnic

Fugue for Swords and Muskets (Demo, 2007)

18th century period, Baroque orchestra and form, timed hits in context

The Island (Demo, 2007)

Electronic pop, minimalism, timed hits