Music Production

“We Need to Talk”

written by Zane Lowie; produced by Jack Ballard

Video written, produced and edited by Jack Ballard

Africa by Shamsi Music  

(2018, mixed and mastered by Jack Ballard)


words and music by Kelly Ballard

Draw Me Nearer (2016, Kana and Ballard)

Palinvariondo (2017, Kana and Ballard)

Silent Night in Tunisia (2016, Shamsi Music, Nairobi, Kenya)

Mourning to Dancing (2015, Sigh As You Close the Book)


              Who Are You?

             Broken Wings.  

            Mo Anam (Full)

            Mo Anam Postlude (featuring Phil Keaggy, guitar)

             The Quiet       

             Fallen Color 111914

Truth and Beauty (2010, David Wells, Midnight Cruise)

Emmanuel (2010, David Wells, single Christmas release)

City Of New Orleans (2008, Gary Cook, Great Train Classics)

Nothing But the Blood (Logan Blomberg,  Untitled. 2007)

Dusty Road (2003, Kennebec, Kennebec)

I Saw the Elephant (2003, Jack Ballard, Long Time Coming)

Firewalker (1996, Phil Keaggy, composition, arrangement, keys, bass by Jack Ballard)

Ophelia (1996, David Crawford, arr by Jack Ballard)

The Cottage (1996, David Crawford, arr by Jack Ballard)

Psalm 150 (1994, Jack Ballard, The Psalms. Sonic Chaos (see reviews)