Songwriting Principles and Power Points

Intent and Purpose (Opera Cast+Reduction Score)

Intent and Purpose (Libretto)

Original Songs (words and music by Jack Ballard unless otherwise noted)

The A-Boats (from Long Time Coming)

I Saw the Elephant (from Long Time Coming)

Psalm 150 (from The Psalms, REX Music)

Magnificat (from the musical/opera Intents and Purposes

Flood (written by Lowell/Haseltine from Jars of Clay)

Charlie Lowell: “β€œThe things Jack Ballard taught us regarding building songs, musical styles and music theory we use all the time now when writing songs.”)

Who Are You? (from the musical/opera Intents and Purposes)

Tea and Sympathy (written by Lowell/Haseltine from Jars of Clay (Much Afraid))

Fallen Color (from Sigh As You Close the Book)

We Own the Night (written and performed by Dom Liberati, The Good Hurt)

We Need to Talk (written by Zane Lowey, produced by Jack Ballard and Zane Lowey, release TBD, 2020)

We Up, Winner, Someday (written by KC Carter)

Fight It or Self-Destruct (written by Joe Vitale, Jr.)

I Saw the Elephant (from Long Time Coming)

Crucible (written by Devon Weller, Sparkle)

Love Holds It Down (Dom Liberati, Love Holds It Down)

Brand New Name (written by Sarah Jahn, Sparkle)

Great Mystery (from Sigh As You Close the Book)

Proven Fact (written by Layna Watson, From Our Conversations, 2019)

Educated Fools (written by Zach Wolfe, Great Seal)

Capital City (written by Zach Wolfe, Great Seal)

Rising Moon (written by John King, A Minor Bird, Where the River Breaks Free)

I’m in the Sky (written by Nate Deezy, video by Sons of Thunder ENT)