Choral and Vocal Work

Scores available for perusal, purchase or rental. Orchestra parts available for rental where applicable.

Psalm 150 (from The Psalms, REX Music)

Magnificat (from the Opera Intents and Purposes)

Who Are You?(from the Opera Intents and Purposes)

The Quiet. (from Sigh, As You Close the Book)

O Creátor Magnus. (from the oratorio Incarnatus Dei)

A Sword Shall Pierce (from the oratorioIncarnatus Dei)

Cherubim Bells(from the oratorio Incarnatus Dei)

And the Stars(from the Oratorio Incarnatus Dei)

Lullaby (from the Oratorio Incarnatus Dei)

Fallen Color (R&B Vocal Jazz

Broken Wings (from Sigh, As You Close the Book)

Amen(published by Sound Music, Seattle, WA)

Nothing But the Blood (American “new grass”/folk)