Choral and Vocal Work

Scores available for perusal, purchase or rental. Orchestra parts available for rental where applicable.

Bemist, Enmist (Top-3 Finalist Robin Johnson Composition Prize)

Psalm 150 (from The Psalms, REX Music)

The Quiet. (from Sigh, As You Close the Book)

Magnificat (from the Opera Intents and Purposes)

O Creátor Magnus. (from the oratorio Incarnatus Dei)

Vocalese (Psalm 136)

Who Are You?(from the Opera Intents and Purposes)

A Sword Shall Pierce (from the oratorioIncarnatus Dei)

Cherubim Bells(from the oratorio Incarnatus Dei)

And the Stars(from the Oratorio Incarnatus Dei)

Lullaby (from the Oratorio Incarnatus Dei)

Fallen Color (R&B Vocal Jazz)

Broken Wings (from Sigh, As You Close the Book)

Amen(published by Sound Music, Seattle, WA)

Nothing But the Blood (American “new grass”/folk)