Speaking and Workshops

Jack Ballard is available for speaking in schools (classes, general assembly, the arts, commencements), churches and conferences. He is also available for workshops in the arts and music, team building sessions, and adjudications in jazz, pop, classical and ensembles:


  • Applied Knowledge: Rote Learning and Critical Thinking
  • Beyond Facts and Beyond Skills: What You Really Got From Your Education
  • It’s Not About You: Get Over It and Get On With It
  • Confidence and Humility: The Razor’s Edge of Performance
  • Assessing Experiential Education
  • Both/And: Apparent Dichotomies of Being
  • Five Archetypes of Teams: Leadership as a Role, Not a Position
  • Expand Your World and See Where It Leads You


  • Team Building
  • Developing the Rhythm Section in Jazz and Popular Styles
  • Introduction to Film and Game Composition 
  • Jazz Combo and Jazz Band Styling and Interpretation
  • Introduction to Music Industry Principles
  • Physics, Math and ….Music?: Applying Concrete Principles in Creative Contexts
  • Vocal Stylings and Studio Recording
  • Recording Production Techniques
  • Working With Inexperienced Musicians in the Recording Studio