The Psalms (1994)

I’m always hard-pressed to select the recordings I’ll write about. But now and then I stumble across something so unique and creative, it breaks new artistic ground. This concept recording pairs paraphrases of selected Psalms with gorgeous musical and vocal renderings capturing the diversity of feeling and subject matter to a remarkable degree. A beautiful blend of new age, jazz, and classical flavors. . . the considerable talents of the performers are all directed on bringing out the rich beauty of the Psalms. National Religious Broadcasters (NRB), March, 1995:

. . . In addition to Ballard’s fabulous piano playing, other great musicians such as Alex Acuña and Fletch Wiley help set the mood. . . While the album has a dominant classical sound, diversity is apparent in Psalm 100, which introduces a jazz sax and bass. The gospel flavor to Psalm 150 carries through the celebration expressed in that Scripture. . . . a great collection. Moody Monthly, November, 1994

[The Psalms] is fresh and invigorating each time you come back to it. That much is clear. What isn’t as easy to pin down is exactly what musical box The Psalms fits into. . . The variety alone makes this album worth owning; the flawless quality of its arrangements and execution throws it over the edge of good to great! Just when your mind catches a melody, Ballard throws in another instrument, lays down subtle harmony in the background or takes the whole thing in another direction altogether. Suddenly you realize that nothing else would have sufficed at that very moment. New Man Magazine (July/August, 1995):

Common Vision (Jack Ballard with Some Guy and His Brothers, 1994)

Some very fine tunes and hot playing…People need to hear this. (Grammy Award winning/platinum producer and artist, CEO of Visual Music Group, Fletch Wiley, on the jazz CD “Common Vision.” 1994.)

On The Fly (Phil Keaggy, 1996)

Jack Ballard`s original musical sketch, “Firewalker”, provides the setting for a veritable Parker Fly guitar exhibition. A pair of rhythm guitar parts completes the stage for a vintage [Phil] Keaggy solo, while Lynn Williams` energetic drumming propels the piece. Multi-instrumentalist Wanda Vick-Burchfield (of “Prime Time Country” notoriety) turns in a brilliant fiddle solo, while Jack Ballard contributes keyboards and electric bass. . . Guitar9 Records, 1997

Many of the songs include a very supportive rhythm section that broadens each piece while not intruding on Keaggy’s superior musicianship., review by Marc Castellani

Midnight Cruise (David Wells, 2010)

This CD is a unique blend of smooth jazz with a hint of rhythm and blues and a little funk. It features eleven new original songs that compliment the true talent and artistry of David Wells. It is a must-have to add to your collection. on the CD, Midnight Cruise, produced and arranged by Jack Ballard, 2010.

LOVED the track: evocative, moody (in a good way) and a bit noir-ish. Beautiful stuff.” Radio jazz host, Rob Payer, WBRH on “My Funny Valentine,” arranged and produced by Jack Ballard, 2010.

Long Time Coming (2003)

A good CD, well produced . . . my compliments to all who worked on it. (Steve Day, Skaggs Family Records on the bluegrass solo release “Long Time Coming,” 2003.)

Live Concerts, Film, Miscellaneous

The world premiere of Jack Ballard’s “The Traveler’s Psalm” was played stunningly . . . Ballard’s composition was enchanting, lyrical and polished to the point that it sounded as if it were the work of one of our time-honored masters. The Durango Herald, November 18, 2003

Piltzecker was joined on stage by four stalwarts of the Durango music scene [including] Jack Ballard on piano – to accompany him on most of the program, taking a stunning jazz solo on keyboards.” Durango Herald, Gary B. Walker, October 12, 2001.

“[Thanks to], Dr. Jack Ballard for your mentorship when you came through to Daystar for the music production course. U choosing to work with AMPLIFIED STUDIOS really took us a humongous step ahead we really learnt a lot and had so much fun…” Isaac M-Rixx, AMPLIFIED Studios, 2016

“The client is also DEE-lighted. Thanks for the beautiful work.” Connie Collins, Essential Story, Inc. 2016