Composition Awards


Agitation for Piano Trio (winner, Festival Fresco Composition Prize, performed by the Festival Fresco trio, June 13, 2021

Bemist, Enmist (finalist, Robert Johnson International Composition Prize) recording, TBA, Sept 18, 2021

“Dances” for solo violin (winner, OME Composition Competition)

“Lament” from The Castle for orchestra (winner of the 2010 Thanatopolous Award 

The Four Seasons on Works by Robert Florczak (finalist, The American Prize)

Chrystalin” for violin and keyboard (semifinalist, The American Prize)


Symphony No. 5 (Spanish)

         II. El Corazon  (semifinalist, American Prize)

Asubuhi for Trumpet and Orchestra

           (ITG selection, performed by Dr Walburn, 2015)

Nizhoni – Seven Days of Creation (Film, multiple official selection)

Entropy Retrograde (Electronic, samples, SFX ( glass sampling), MIDI); Film, Bound, multiple official selection)