A new piece for orchestra “hot off the press”

Niña encantadora con ojos de violetas

niña encantadora con ojos de violeta copy – Full Score


            an album by Jack Ballard and Amy Glick


           for solo violin

Symphony No. 5 (Spanish)

          I. Canon

         II. El Corazon 

                              (semifinalist, American Prize)
         III. Tardes de Segovia 

         IV. Las Olas

“Lament” from The Castle 

           (Winner of the 2010 Thanatopolous Award 

 Concerto for Piano No. 2

           (Piano, orchestra, jazz continuo)

Asubuhi for Trumpet and Orchestra

           (ITG selection, performed by Dr Walburn, 2015)

Nizhoni – Seven Days of Creation (Film)

Entropy Retrograde

           (Electronic, samples, SFX ( glass sampling), MIDI)

Reflections for Piano, Cello and Violin

          Trio – Reflections (MIDI, full work)

          Trio – Reflections (Mvt 1)

          Trio – Reflections (Mvt 2)

Complaint for Piano

The Psalms

Scores (pdf)

 Choral/Vocal Pieces

 Music Production